Given the diversity of our combined expertise and experience over the years, we are able to offer dependable assistance on a myriad of projects and in a multitude of different settings. The range of projects that has benefited from our quantity surveying services includes:

    • airports
    • art galleries
    • bulk storage facilities
    • churches
    • filling stations
    • hospitals and clinics
    • housing (flats, houses, hostels, retirement villages, group housing and housing schemes)
    • libraries
    • metro police stations
    • office buildings
    • public waste facilities
    • renovations to existing structures
    • school/university facilities
    • sporting facilities: indoor and outdoor
    • aluminium, chrome, gold, platinum smelters
    • arctic bases
    • carbon oxide generation plants
    • civil projects
    • cogen plants
    • conveyor structures
    • motor vehicle industry
    • sintering plants
    • parking facilities
    • restaurants
    • slag treatment plants
    • sub-stations
    • warehouses

Projects Portfolio

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