Why does your construction project need quantity surveying services?
A“Quantity surveyors are the financial consultants of the construction industry whose training and experience qualify them to advise on cost and contractual arrangements and to prepare contract documents”- View more
What do we do?
A Simply put, we manage all financial aspects of a construction project, from start to end. We work together with the project team (architects, engineers etc) to determine a project budget (compile estimates) directly related to a specific design and then we have the responsibility to keep the project within that budget with the assumption of course that the scope does not increase. When there is an increase in scope (either before or during construction), the budget will also increase, but we manage that increase within the parameters of the original budget. We also deal with all the financial matters concerning the contractors of your project.

Once the budget is set, we provide the following additional quantity surveying services (based upon a full scope of services):

  1. Estimates
  2. Management of Professional Fees
  3. Attending all relevant meetings
  4. Compile documentation for procurement of contractors. (Bills of Quantities)
  5. Evaluation of Tenders
  6. Preparation of contract documentation
  7. Preparing monthly payment valuations
  8. Prepare project cost reports
  9. Prepare and agree final accounts with contractors
How does our fees work?
AOur fees are based on the latest South African Council for the Quantity Surveying Profession Fee Schedule. In essence it’s based on a percentage basis relative to the project budget. Usually between 4-8%. Sometimes, depending on what needs to be done, our fees are based on an hourly basis.

The following has an influence on our fees:

  1. Type of project
  2. Size of the project
  3. Duration of the project
  4. Complexity of the project
  5. Project location relative to our closest office
Why appoint CAQS as your project Quantity Surveyor?
  1. We are registered Quantity Surveyors with a letter of good standing issued by SACQSP with more than 40 years’ experience.
  2. We are pro-active in forward planning and think about the user friendliness of a building.
  3. We meet with and actively engage with the architects and engineers during the design stages to give our input on how to achieve designs that are within the project brief, but also value for money.
  4. We use the latest QS computer software available on the market to give an efficient and accurate service. This enables us to give discount on our standard fees.
  5. As shown in our Company Profile, we have experience in the four major sectors in the South African construction industry, namely, Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Educational sectors. This enables us to give accurate input for a new project.
  6. We do various project ranging from small to big, from R10,000 to R100m +.
  7. We have good relationships with contractors and we strive to handle all projects in a fair and transparent way.
  8. We always try to issue our work within a short, but reasonable turn-around time after receipt of input from the other consultants.
  9. We conduct site visits and attend meetings as required.
  10. Our cost reports are easy to understand and accepted by all major financial institutions.
  11. Our clients are all happy with our work.
  12. We have a Professional Indemnity Policy in place which is available on request.

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