How much does it cost to build a building?

Quantity Surveying Services – It all depends on its size and the quality of its finishes. We possess the expertise and experience that enables you to plan for your project with an end result that suits you and ensure that you receive value for money. Whether it’s office blocks, flats, schools, universities, distribution centres, renewable energy plants, wind farms, manufacturing plants, filling stations or a house, emergency services buildings, shopping centres, electrical sub-stations, furnaces/smelters & Cogeneration plants, or any other structure that requires the strict management of costs, we’ve got you covered.

CAQS Quantity Surveyors offers the traditional South African quantity surveying services, namely:

Project Brief

Assisting in developing a clear project brief.

Concept & Viability

Prepare and finalise the project concept in accordance with the briefing, scope.

Design & Development

Develop the approved concept to finalise the design, specifications, financial viability and assist with project programming.

What we do best

We estimate and manage the financial aspects or costs of a construction project.
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Documentation & Procurement

Prepare the construction and procurement documentation, confirm and implement the procurement programme, strategies and procedures for effective and timeous procurement of resources for the execution of the project.


Manage, administer and monitor the contracts and processes. Including the preparation and coordination of the procedures and documentation to facilitate practical completion of the project

Close Out

Fulfill and complete the project close-out including the preparation of the necessary documentation to facilitate effective completion, handover and operation of the project

In terms of the contractual aspects of your construction project, we are well versed in latest JBCC, FIDIC, NEC and GCC type contracts. We can also administer your in-house contract.

What is a Quantity Surveyor?

We are also able to offer expert assistance in the areas of:

  • advice on various issues regarding construction costs and cost engineering
  • any variation of building contracts (approved by client’s own legal counsel)
  • audits and final accounts should disputes arise
  • building economics
  • compilation of tenders for contractors
  • construction adjudication
  • cost analysis of various building elements to furnish designers with information that facilitates correct design decisions
  • disputes and investigations of building contracts
  • estimates for home loans and structured debt financing
  • expert witnesses in arbitration and litigation
  • insurance valuations
  • property damage reinstatement valuations
  • norm analysis and the application thereof
  • pricing of tenders for contractors
  • project contract agreements
  • property development
  • refurbishment of existing buildings
  • tenant fit-out
  • value engineering i.e. steps and ways to reduce costs of your construction project without compromising quality

Do you need access to a reliable building calculator, building materials calculator, or an insurance valuation? You can count on us for that.